A loose spec. The following information is given in order to help guide your design approach, reasoning, and execution.


WHAT : Design an app that can fulfill the functionality of “The Tinder for Startups”. Rather than left-right swiping through potential mates, users swipe on Startups - A startup's profile includes a main graphic and short blurb about the company. This includes a user login, user profile, voting-on-one-startup-at-a-time home page, and page listing user-liked companies - which link to each company’s profile view.

WHO : The intended audience would be Venture Capitalists.

WHERE : The application should be designed for native mobile [ideally iOS compliant].

WHEN : As soon as you are complete with the prompt, please email all associated files and links to growth@aptiviti.com. Please also feel free to email with any thoughts or questions you may have before SENDING your submission. We’ll then invite you in for a workshop review discussion, to unpack how you approached this prompt.

WHY : We at aptiviti believe in putting a team together that is both a great cultural fit [talk] and great collaborative fit [walk]. We have designed the following workshop in order to get a better sense of how you work, reason, pace, and best strengths overall. We feel this last stage before investing in each other is critical to cementing the best built teams. Looking forward!



Design every page of this application, that you see as MVP for this application’s intended functionality. The wireframe, all graphics, images, etc.  

SUGGESTED TOOLS : Sketch or Photoshop [open to any preferred tools]

BONUS : Document the aesthetic decisions you make, based on the information provided, from your thoughts on color, to functionality, to anything you tend to consider when creating & executing frontend design.



Upload your design into a rapid prototyping tool, and use tools like drawn-hotspots to create a clear picture of how you see the designed components working together.

SUGGESTED TOOLS : Invision or Atomic.io [open to any preferred tools]


Implement your designs, interactions, and frontend logic into a basic iteration of a staging application.