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aptiviti is a constellation of deeply connected but independent projects, ranging from venture investments, to a core research engine, tech accelerator programs, financial applications, activated social platforms, and native applications. 

All these initiatives support the central goal of compressing failure rates in the emerging technology world, imbuing agility into tech monoliths, and instilling insight into the investment community, ultimately ridding waste in financial and technological investments - all driven by a passion & practice in the data space.



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The following Q & A is sourced from a recent Huffington Post feature on ETR & Entrepreneurship

What is ETR?

Enterprise Technology Research is a next-gen research firm that has transformed investment survey processes and utilizes proprietary data mining techniques & predictive analytics to gauge and identify enterprise technology trends and opportunities. Since 2009, ETR has organically grown a community of tech officer (CIOs) respondents that collectively represent +$550B in annual IT spend.

ETR‘s virtually leveraged, materially impactful machine finds analytical signal in big data noise, mining the outliers that will define the shape and scope of global technology.


Where is ETR going / What platforms were born from ETR?

Our cornerstone is the research, but we're going for much more - we’re looking to integrate the entire technology ecosystem through ETR, ETR&D, vLAB and the VETT.  

vLAB, the open source platform sister product of ETR+D, a high-touch ETR project, leverages ETR’s insight and relationships to solve critical challenges faced at enterprise companies by connecting them to entrepreneurs working on the problems. The process hyper-accelerates entrepreneurs’ innovations from pre-prototype to commercial product - gaining an enterprise-scale patron and funding.

Additionally, leveraging what we've built into a much larger-scope organism has been key to the vision from the beginning. ETR's latest project, FITO (For I.T. Only), is a platform for CIOs to conduct and share their own findings (i.e. knowledge exchange), and gain real-time insight into enterprise IT scope, direction, and rate of change.

Another ETR project, the VETT, empowers instant and easy review, comments and feedback on new technologies from our community of tech officers. Simultaneously, this platform identifies the enterprises most likely to adopt and/or mentor these new technologies.  The VETT effectively solves the long-standing issue and need of real-time due diligence at scale pre-investment.  

The through line here is a contrarian mindset and uniquely devised technology to create new systems to communicate and share large scale technology trends - and therefore impact the industry, marketplace, and larger ecosystems in near real-time.

The “hyper-acceleration” and unprecedented insight we’ve generated has brought us now to the precipice of a very exciting, very powerful, virtual machine-fueled stage.


How did ETR, +D, and vLAB start?

In 2008, Thomas DelVecchio, founder of ETR, identified three critical problems with traditional tech research (1) market research was a qualitative, non-scalable process (e.g., phone-interview transcripts with lengthy assessment studies); (2) Information Officers were performing and providing a bulk of the heavy lifting / research but received very little in return; and (3) research was being sold to technology vendors who have comparatively limited budgets, and are typically less compelled by the data-driven insights.

In 2009, Mr. DelVecchio launched Enterprise Technology Research (ETR) with the objective of empowering information technologists by delivering data-driven products and platforms to all players in the technology ecosystem (CIOs, financial institutions, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs).

ETR+D (Enterprise Technology Research & Development), the VETT, and vLAB were launched once the data, models, and ecosystem were robust enough to fundamentally integrate the entire technology landscape into an active set of symbiotic ecosystems.

The concept of ETR, and the satellite ventures of FITO, ETR+D, the VETT, and vLab, were built to bring in as much data as possible, seamlessly integrate the technology ecosystem, and radically change the technology landscape.

Just as 23&me was devised to bring in health data, model and segment it, find correlations, and make innovative, contrarian or counter intuitive solutions possible - ETR has created such a mechanism in the tech landscape.


Why do you only GRANT ACCESS TO the research
to a SELECT few large financial firms?

We need to keep the delta (i.e., contrarian ideas), undiluted - the more funds we work with, the more our thoughts become a part of consensus, which compresses the arbitrage or opportunity for our subscribing investment firms. As our reputation has grown, so has some real competition for membership and access to our data -- and we've definitely seen an emerging trend, internally, in working with firms of greater scale and presence.  

Additionally, in a closed club model where there are a limited amount of seats available, it’s important for us to avoid client turnover or churn.  Therefore, we look to work with firms that consistently have a stable and significant allocation of their assets under management deployed in enterprise technology equities.   


How do you actually conduct the research and where does it come from?

We effectively capture the behavior and intentions of information technology officers at large enterprises, whose decisions will have real market-shaping impact, at scale and in real-time.

We do this by developing programmatic surveys, generating quantitative data, primed for qualitative queries. We then track historical trends and correlations, and generate contrarian ideas about what the market and face of technological ubiquity will be in the not too distant future.


Why are you an independent research and technology platform?

Our cornerstone is the research, but we're going for a lot more here than just a team of researchers. Simply put, our model is data-driven not special interest driven. Independence allows us to generate ideas and products without the bias you would expect from traditional research firms who work under the highest bidder. Our goal is to bring accuracy and transparency to the technology ecosystem.


What inspired you to become entrepreneurs?

Outrage, when we get right down to it, is what entrepreneurship is about. From encountering a critical problem, the striking revelation of a solution, to the affront at the fact that it doesn't exist yet. That, and a decent amount of passion for the space.

If that gap between what is, and what you think could and should be, doesn't obsess you, then it's not worth your time. The problem with going after just the opportunistic cracks, that don’t particularly grab you personally, is that there is no way to sustain the necessary energy, focus, and dedication necessary to create and then build something towards meaningful scale.

Everyone who committed to ETR early saw the potential impact of the premise, in making a smarter, more connected technology ecosystem that could generate information at scale - enough to push through the hustle & grind stages to where we are today.


Why does ETR only focus on the production side?
Why is ETR moving forward with it’s unique agenda?

Our whole paradigm, approach, algorithms and team - the meta system that includes ETR, ETR+D, vLab, the VETT, and FITO - are all precisely the result of the research we are producing - and the research we are producing, had the goal of making all of that possible from inception.

We are using this macro and micro insight to spot technology trends and innovative growth companies, the friction they face, and the disruptors solving those problems - and bridge the gaps in these huge systems between the status quo, and the untapped potential in the innovators’ community.

We then invest in this advanced intellectual-capital to build systems that make everyone in our ecosystem better off, exponentially so, the more they engage. With data and innovation, it’s truly the more the merrier. No one else is doing what we are, and, at this point, no one else can.


3 tips / advice you have for young people wanting to begin a startup company

a.) Don't startup just to have a startup. Solve a real problem you have and care enough about it to not only survive the hardship of trial and error, but also to thrive on the grinding work of the iteration and reiteration process.

b.) Team matters. Not only to create a net-positive in the support of your team members, but to truly cover areas of the project that are outside your own and essential to the launch of your MVP (minimum viable product). Don't hire or give founding equity to someone who will be more appropriate at a scaled stage.

c.) Check out vLAB. If you're a passionate entrepreneur or startup that could use either a proof for your concept or a new problem to solve, then you really ought to consider looking at our platform. We source bounties of pain points from large enterprises that are open to entrepreneurs with external, innovative solutions.

With your IP protected, vLAB's platform will vett your idea, and, if accepted, we'll connect you with mentors at the companies facing the problem, who will work with you on the project through the prototyping to commercially-scaled product (of which they will be your first, very large, established patron).

If accepted through the final stage, you'll retain independent ownership of the product and be offered funding and resources to continue the hyper-acceleration of your startup.  Simply put, it is the single best launch-point option available today for enterprise-focused technology entrepreneurs.


►  Sample sizes in excess of 800 within 3-6 weeks and over 350 in 48 hours of polling.

► Event series exclusively curated to our enterprise IT end user members to present to and network with one another (in NYC). No charge for invited members.

► Never charge enterprise IT end user members.

►  Real-time quantitatively objective research.

►  Vetted introductions to enterprise IT end user peers.

► Boutique R&D lab (ETR+D), bringing to life technologies our respondents need across organizations, matching our members as mentors to the innovating start-ups.

►  Dynamic data files of survey results for richer and deeper data mining after polling is completed, highlighting each vendor's "Net Spending Intentions Score.





ETR has now conducted nearly a decade's worth of quarterly standardized spending intentions surveys and has accurately forecasted numerous occurrences of significant growth by formerly unknown technology vendors, as well as the unexpected missteps by many other vendors that were once thought to be bullet-proof.



to identify which of their vendors are most at-risk and therefore, most prone to price leveraging. In the ever-evolving enterprise technology landscape, ETR can also highlight vendors that deserve to be evaluated immediately.



is a testament to our capacity to gain valuable data in near real-time. As soon as members submit their questionnaires, they are provided with live and secure links to the real-time polling data so that they may track the data and results. 


aptiviti A/V



CORE Teams


Norman Rothstein

Founder | Chairman

Norman is the Founder of ETR&D and the Chairman and Co-Founder of Intellectual Patents, Inc. since October 2005, Chairman of Energy Safe Technologies, Inc. since July 2008. He has developed...

Thomas DelVecchio

Founder | Director of Research

Thomas has spent >the last decade in the enterprise technology space between both research and investment. Over the last seven years...

Allan Rothstein

Founder | Vice Chairman

In his role as Senior Vice President and co-head of NASDAQ Trading, Allan was responsible for trading in over 500 markets, oversight of all NASDAQ market making and trading systems construction and integration. Allan has founded, invested in and served...

Kwang C Kim

SVP Corporate Development

Kwang Kim is working to expand and develop investment and technology partnerships globally. Leveraging aptiviti's portfolio of products (ETR, +D, vLAB, VETT, FITO) and overseeing its investment operations, Kwang Kim brings...

Ellen Willen

Chief Financial Officer

Ellen brings decades of executive experience in Finance and Operations. She has spent a majority of this time focused on structuring and building startup companies and working on multi-stage financing rounds and leading an acquisition transaction by a large public company.

Earlier in her career, she served as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Operations for Global Educational Marketing (GEM), a specialist in healthcare-educational marketing serving the pharmaceutical industry. She played a major role in the strategic planning responsible for GEM’s exponential growth and sale to Snyder Healthcare Communications (NYSE:SNC).

Ellen then served as the President and CFO of Intellectual Patents, Inc. which sourced and provided funding for businesses focused on technology, patent rights, and intellectual property.

Prior to joining Aptiviti Inc., Ellen was Director of Finance for MDSolarSciences Corp., a company founded by a leading dermatologist.  While there, Ellen was responsible for preparing and leading hedge fund financing for the company.

Ellen’s education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and an MBA in Finance and International Business.


Alicia Agostino

Director of Operations





Office Manager

Robert Weisberg

General Counsel

Robert is General Counsel of Aptiviti, Inc. and all of its wholly owned subsidiaries and future subsidiaries. Prior to aptiviti, Robert spent several years practicing in litigation before providing high level consultation for leading hedge funds and investment managers on a wide...


Sagar Kadakia

Head of Data Science
Sagar is the Head of Data Science at ETR where he leads the design and development of all analytical models and solutions. Utilizing ETR’s proprietary CIO spending intentions data, Sagar spearheaded...

Vince Chang

Quantitative Analyst

Vincent works on the design and implementation of new data cleaning programs aimed at improving data accuracy and consistency, as well as building data visualization tools that are used by clients for survey data interpretation and idea generation. 

Brad Lascolea

Executive Vice President

Brad joined ETR in 2012 as an EVP and Head of Sales/Service at Enterprise Technology Research (ETR) focusing primarily on data analysis and interpretation. Given his prior technology research experience on the sell-side and buy-side, he works within our data ecosystem...

Julia Xu

Community Analytics Lead

Julia Xu is the Community Analytics Lead at ETR focused on survey construction and end user community management. Julia maintains and curates ETR’s community of CIOs and high level IT professionals, while also working on the design and back end...


Erik Porter Bradley

Chief Engagement Strategist

Erik is the Chief Engagement Strategist at aptiviti and the Managing Director of the ETR VENN series; he brings with him two decades of experience creating event-driven research platforms within the financial...

Peter Steube

Director of VENN

Peter is Director of the ETR VENN series, which purposefully overlaps the intelligence of its entire ecosystem. Utilizing his experience generating events for both executives and the investment community, Peter leverages ETR's data to produce...


Siddharth Sharma

Lead Developer

Elizabeth Hunker

Head of Brand + UX


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