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VENN 2.1 :: Niel Nickolaisen - CTO, OC Tanner 

Niel is consistently identified as one of ETR’s ProphITs, the CIOs that ETR has quantitatively proven to be the most predictive of enterprise vendor futures (growth+success or disintermediation+obsolescence). OC Tanner is a global Fortune 100 company with over 1,650 employees. At the interactive VENN 2.1 event, Niel will address his insights in building and scaling a large enterprise IT architecture, as well as the emerging technology landscape. VENN subscribers can provide questions beforehand that we'll pose anonymously on their behalf. VENN subscribers will receive the executive summary, full transcript and audio replay within 72 hours after the event.

BIO:  IT and operations leader who specializes in digital and business transformation. Niel has a deep appreciation for and an excellent track record in the three areas most critical to IT leader success: enable strategy through technology innovation, deliver operational excellence and create a great workplace culture.
He has specific experience in advanced analytics, BI and machine learning, agile software principles and methods, project management and delivery, ERP, CRM, mobile application development, software product development, strategic planning and prioritization, IT operations and ITIL, technology selection and executive leadership.

Responsible for leading the teams that develop and support technology products, client analytics, and corporate systems. Identified, launched and lead specific projects to modernize OC Tanner's legacy SaaS platforms by re-architecting to a micro-services / modular design, upgrading and utilizing our SAP ERP systems, moving the right things to the cloud, improving software engineering quality and delivery and creating a culture of trust and ownership. OC Tanner is utilizing its rich data sets and machine learning tools to gain customer and market insight and are developing the next generation of IT leadership and improving IT's leadership role in the company. Lead the company's product innovation incubator - which is responsible, using agile and lean start-up methods, for developing new products for new and existing markets.

Niel is currently a Board member of the Association of Information Management; the Advisory Chair, MIS Department, Huntsman School of Business, Utah State University; Advisory Chair, Mid-Size Enterprise Summit; and the Managing Partner of Wingate Capital.

Niel holds an MS in Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA and BS in Physics from Utah State University.

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