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  • New York, NY

VENN 1.14 :: Apstra
David Cheriton, Founder + Chief Scientist
Mansour Karam, Founder + CEO

Apstra is the pioneer in vendor-agnostic Intent-Based Networking to enable a Self-Operating Network™, a network that configures itself, fixes itself and defends itself. The company is redefining network operations and economics to make the network a CIO’s most valuable asset to address business velocity. The Apstra Operating System (AOS) provides the only vendor-agnostic, intent-based, closed-loop “command and control” system delivering agility and massive TCO savings through automation of network operations. 

Prior to Apstra David and Mansour worked closely together at Arista networks. David as co-founder and chief scientist. Mansour leading the company's business development, strategic partnerships, sales, and marketing. 

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