• Location Disclosed to Invited Parties (map)
  • New York, NY

Data-Curated events are ETR VENN's premier event format that emphasizes an intimate and differentiated setting while creating a larger scale production and data-driven presentation. New to our Data-Curated Events? Watch this brief highlight reel from our event with Docker.

VENN 4.1 :: Nutanix
President, Sudheesh Nair
Data-Curated Event

Senior members of the Nutanix team will be on hand engaging with attendees during the data-curated cocktail hour, presentations, and post presentation for discussion, dining and drinks.

You can attend in-person (NYC) or virtually via the livestream.

On-site concierges will greet attendees upon entry and introduce you to the Nutanix leadership team, as well as other enterprise-leading technology professionals, based on data insights on whom is most appropriate for high value engagement for each attendee.

NUTANIX maintains the following "Net Score" rankings [N≥10] 
in ETR's April 17' spending data : 

#2 [65.8%, Virtualization N=38] 
#2 [74.6%, Infrastructure-Software N=59] 

#2 [57.9%, Storage N=57] 

Sudheesh will share Nutanix's vision of the future of enterprise computing, detailing real-life enterprise use cases, preceded by a data-driven presentation of how Hyperconverged Infrastructure and Nutanix are accelerating within the enterprise by ETR founder, Thomas DelVecchio.

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