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VENN 1.12 :: Puppet
Sanjay Mirchandani, CEO

ETR's proprietary high-level end-user surveys have captured significantly positive ongoing trends for Puppet. The company's platform is a open-source software configuration management tool. 

Puppet [N=78] maintains the following standings within ETR's July 2017 spending data:

#3/17 [N≥20] - 23.1% Adopting - Microservices Sector

#8/17 [N≥20] - 61.5% Net Score - Microservices Sector


Global 20000 end-users Adopting/Increasing spend with Cloud Platforms; Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google [Total N=93] [Puppet Shared N=21]

#6/19 [Shared N≥5] - 76.2% Net Score - Microservices Sector

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