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VENN 1.18: Rapid7 - Tas Giakouminakis, CTO + Co Founder 

Rapid7 transforms data into action, empowering IT and security professionals to progress and protect their organizations. Rapid7's solutions are powered by advanced analytics and a deep understanding of the attacker mindset. This makes it easy to collect data, transform it into prioritized and actionable insight, and get it to the people who can act on it—all in an instant.

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ETR's proprietary high-level end-user surveys have captured significantly positive ongoing trends for Rapid7.

Rapid7 [N=51] maintains the following standings within ETR's January 2018 spending data as of 1/2/18:

 #3/29 [N≥10] - 57.1% Increase - InfoSec Sector (among F500 respondents) [N=14]

#4/33 [N≥10] - 53.3% Increase - InfoSec Sector (among G2000 respondents) [N=15]

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