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VENN 1.21 :: Zscaler
Jay Chaudhry, Founder & CEO

Jay Chaudhry is an accomplished entrepreneur, having founded a series of successful companies, including Zscaler, AirDefense, CipherTrust, CoreHarbor and Secure IT. Chaudhry leverages more than 25 years of security industry expertise, including engineering, sales, marketing and management experience with leading organizations, such as IBM, NCR and Unisys

Zscaler enables the world’s leading organizations to securely transform their networks and applications for a mobile and cloud first world. Used in more than 185 countries, Zscaler operates the world’s largest cloud security platform, protecting thousands of enterprises and government agencies from cyberattacks and data loss.

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ETR's proprietary high-level end-user surveys have captured significantly positive ongoing trends for Zscaler.

Zscaler [N=66] maintains the following standings within ETR's April 2018 spending data:

#3/34 [N>50] - 16.7% Adoption (ALL Respondents) - Information Security Sector

#6/23 [N>30] - 38.7% Net Score (Giant Public + Private Respondents) - Information Security Sector

#4/23 [N>30] - 9.7% Adoption (Giant Public + Private Respondents) - Information Security Sector

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