VENN is a member-restricted, high-level engagement initiative that purposefully overlaps the intelligence of its entire ecosystem. The series, which will range in scope and format, is designed to instigate strategically industrious relations. Powered by ETR's exclusive data, we are uniquely positioned to structure this offering and produce an entirely new stream of qualitative knowledge for 360° insights. VENN will also drive an accompanying suite of substantive data-driven content and next-generation research. The core goal is to thoroughly demystify the current and coming technology landscape by matching ETR’s quantitative findings of who, what, when and where with the vital qualitative reasoning of why.


  • 60+ selectively curated and interactive engagements

    • Featured Vendor Executive(s) and joint CIOs + Investors Guests Roundtable Meetings, featuring both public & private entities :: VENN 1.X

    • Featured CIO and Investor Roundtable Meetings :: VENN 2.X

    • Featured CIO or Vendor Webinar Interviews with pre-submitted questioning :: VENN 3.X

    • Larger scale "Data Curated Events" - ETR's premier event format :: VENN 4.X

    • +High-touch supplements of action oriented, data driven, virtual and in-person community engagements i.e. ‘Bull/Bear’ Debates, Quick-Take Interviews, Sector Specific Breakouts, 1:1 Direct Connections 

  • Comprehensive & actionable content library

    • The VENN Abstract (TVA) - Executive Summaries

    • Transcripts & Comprehensive Takeaways

    • Replay Podcasts

    • Supplemental ETR Data-cuts

    • VENN 360° - Flash Surveys & Attendee Reactions

Data Curated Events