VENN Synopsis

ETR’s VENN is a closed community engagement platform that purposefully overlays the intelligence of the entire aptiviti ecosystem.

VENN leverages ETR’s data and facilitates a curated platform between end-users, technology investors, and vendor executives that are statistically aligned for each other.

Additionally - the VENN engagements (both physical and virtual) generate a full suite of proprietary research content based off these discussions, including: executive summaries, attendee feedback surveys, full transcripts, supporting data cuts and replays/podcasts.

The core goal is to thoroughly demystify the current and coming technology landscape by matching ETR’s quantitative findings of who, what, when and where with the vital qualitative reasoning of why.


VENN Primary Initiatives

Convert existing buy-side/investor prospects into paying subscribers via attendance + heightened engagement with content deliverables.

Gain attention of additional buy-side/investor contacts; transition cold-leads to prospects.

Promote VENN engagement and brand recognition with the both existing ETR end-user community & new potential members.

Event attendance + Content engagement

Intelligently engage and build new/strengthen existing relationships with technology vendors and start-ups, feeding a pipeline of future engagements.

Support aptiviti’s HaaS process by driving engagements with start-ups and facilitating content & research to support start-up introductions to the end-user community.  


VENN Supporting Campaigns


Email content deliverables – Immediate for subscribers, by request for prospects

Email direct invitation/registration – individual event & multi-event calendars

LinkedIn – end-user only group and content repository

Hosted content LIBRARY - meta-tagged and searchable across platforms (TVA, Transcript, etc)

Drive traffic - to VENN SITE to reduce over-reliance on email communications

Create, repeatable work-flow process - to eliminate bottlenecks in VENN business cycle

Create new and additional methods - of vendor engagement to fill future pipeline of events


VENN Goals: Q1, 1H, and CY1


1) active participation and engagement (full attendance) at 1H17 events

2) hosted content library and campaigns driving to the library & website calendar/registration

3) create repeatable and quality A/V set-up with dependable and portable wifi connection capable of strong upload speeds


6 month:

Employ curated methodology to marketing copy and campaigns to expand VENN brand awareness and grow community size


1 year:

1) Profitability = 30 investor subscribers

2) over-capacity for IT end-user physical attendance

3) completion of 50+ events in 2017 and a 2018 pipeline


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